Types of Fish

  • Types of native fish
  • Murray cod – most sought after native fish
  • Callop also known as golden perch and yellow belly
  • Silver perch
  • Bony bream
  • Catfish
  • Murray River Crayfish

Why are native fish threatened?

Some native fish only breed in response to flood conditions. With the River regulated , fish movement in the River is restricted. Weirs and other barriers have impacted on the life cycles of many fish species.
Reduced water quality has impacted on the numbers of native fish, with many unable to survive in higher saline or turbid water.
Destruction of habitats.

Can you fish for native fish?

Yes, except for protected species.

Catch and size limits for native fish

Callop – minimum size = 33cm – bag limit of 6 per person per day
Murray Cod – minimum size = 50 cm, maximum size = 110cm – 2 per person per day
Yabbies – 200 per person per day

Where can you fish for native fish?

Native fish may be found in all waters of the River Murray and its anabranches.
The fish most often targeted by anglers are prevalent in the mainstream of the River Murray.

What are Murray Crayfish?

Murray River Crayfish are very rarely caught in SA and are thought to be close to extinction in SA.

How do fish get through locks and weirs?

Fishways have been constructed along some weirs along the River Murray.
Fishways are gently sloping passages that enable fish to move upstream in the River. This assists with fish life cycles and contributes to breeding and distribution.