The Murray Darling river system is the most important watershed on the Australian continent.

It’s the third longest navigable river on our planet, stretching 2520 km from its source in the Upper Murray and the Kosciusko National Park.

Called the Murray by the explorer Charles Stuart, It is called River Millewa or Tongala by the Aboriginal people.

Responsible for approximately 40% of agricultural output, the basin is known as the ‘food basket of Australia’.

But this river is in trouble.

Too much salt, not enough water, too many dams, too much pollution, where can we begin?

The Murray is facing:

  • Septic leakage
  • Contaminated Stormwater
  • sand dumping
  • black and grey water from shipping
  • blue-green algal blooms
  • low dissolved oxygen levels
  • bushfires and turbidity.

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